Connect to the 5G Revolution

The 5G revolution is going to change everyday life. How? I’ve been working on a couple of projects to develop mobile software that harnesses 5G benefits, enabling experiences that haven’t been possible until now. That’s because this software relies on the insane speed and instantaneous reaction time that only 5G can make possible. Now cutting […]

Integrate Virtual Reality experience in your apps

ExoPlayer has been a widely used library to implement customized video players into Android apps since it’s an open source library supported by Google. It is an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API providing many more out-of-the-box features as well as supporting a lot of video formats and sources. Hence, we can develop an advanced and tailored video […]

Awarded project in CovidHack hackathon

FaithTech hosted a COVID-19-inspired online global hackathon held March 28th — April 4th, 2020, during the pandemic. Over eight days, 684 people from around the world made innovative technological solutions to address 10 challenges that communnities, churches and NGO were aching to solve. Teams submitted 55 solutions for consideration, ranging from social media chatbots to […]

Advanced CI/CD for Android projects using Bitbucket and Bitrise

Nowadays with agile methodologies software development processes need to support frequent change, frequent builds (typically daily), multiple baselines, and multiple teams. When developing Android apps we have to detect bugs and issues as early as possible every time we integrate separate work developed by several teammates.  Furthermore we have to make it easy for QA […]