Nowadays with agile methodologies software development processes need to support frequent change, frequent builds (typically daily), multiple baselines, and multiple teams. When developing Android apps we have to detect bugs and issues as early as possible every time we integrate separate work developed by several teammates.  Furthermore we have to make it easy for QA testers to get the latest build for UAT, smoke testing, etc.  We have to thoroughly monitor the codebase’s integrity and the product’s outcome: an app that might be used by thousands of users that doesn’t like to have any software with glitches installed in their mobile devices. Bitbucket collaborates with CI/CD tools via webhooks to get instant feedback about any integration as well as triggering a build to deliver right away to stakeholders. Let’s see how easy it is to automate all this necessary workflow to save time and meet software engineers needs.

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Or watch the video (spanish) along with the slides below:

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