➢ Implement new feature components and modifying existing ones for Blizzard tournaments apps.
➢ Improve continuous integration and delivery process, integrate crash report tool.
❏ Technologies: Appcenter, Zeplin, Dagger, RxJava, Phabricator, LiveData, Bamboo, among others


SENIOR ANDROID ENGINEER – Simplex Software (2018 – 2019)

  • Solve complex technical issues, hot fixes, and estimation for ActivateX and Interact apps
  • Interview candidates to be hired as part of screening process to grow from 2 up to 9 FTE for mobile team
  • Implement a complete Continuous Delivery pipeline from scratch using Bitrise for several products, reducing bugs rate and improving delivering schedule
  • Collaborate with coworkers and multidisciplinary teams – Quality assurance, product owners, visual designers, project managers, iOS and backend (web services) development teams, other technical leaders and up to 20 FTE Android devs.
  • Improve memory performance eliminating OOM exceptions and almost 90% of memory leaks
  • Technologies: RxKotlin, Architecture Components, Fastlane, Leak Canary, Robolectric, among others

Openbank Santander

ANDROID TECH LEADER – Globant (2017 – 2018)

➢ Manage, schedule and follow up of tasks assigned to the Android development team (4 FTE) including release and configuration management.
➢ Complex technical issues solving, hot fixes, and estimation.
➢ Refactoring the architecture and adapting web services API changes.
➢ Participate in negotiation and planning meetings with stakeholders and PO’s (client).
➢ Collaborate with coworkers and multidisciplinary teams – Quality assurance, product owners, visual designers, business analyst, project managers, iOS and backend (web services) development teams, and other technical leaders.
❏ Technologies: Jira, Gitlab, HockeyApp, Invision, Zeplin, Retrofit, Dagger, Event bus, among others

Odigeo eDreams

ANDROID DEVELOPER – Globant (2016 – 2017)

➢ Implementing new UI components and modifying existing ones.
➢ Integrating new technologies like “Google Sign In” and “Stetho” (debugging bridge).
➢ Research and development of a test automation subsystem to integrate functional instrumented tests and unit tests with Continuous Delivery and BDD.
➢ Research and innovation, performing workshops and knowledge transfer of learned techniques.
➢ Proactive requirements elicitation, thinking new potential features to offer the users.
➢ Team work with up to 14 FTE co-workers in multi-disciplinary PODs.
➢Methodologies: Kanban, Scrum and BDD.
❏ Technologies: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Mercurial, Charles, Postman, Stetho, JUnit, Espresso, Gherkin parsing. Crashlytics

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online

ANDROID DEVELOPER – Globant (2015 – 2016)

➢ Mobile project for Disneyland Paris. The application guides park’s guests through attractions, restaurants, tours, shoppings, and so on; giving realtime information with a high end user experience interface. Developed with an architecture design to allow high reusability, using modularization and custom libraries.
❏ Technologies:Git, Android Studio, SQLite, GitHub, Jenkins, JIRA, Postman. Third party libs like Picasso, Guava, among others

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