The 5G revolution is going to change everyday life. How? I’ve been working on a couple of projects to develop mobile software that harnesses 5G benefits, enabling experiences that haven’t been possible until now. That’s because this software relies on the insane speed and instantaneous reaction time that only 5G can make possible. Now cutting edge multimedia such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality with instant information you can immediately use can operate smoothly with true mobility (vehicle or pedestrian). Indeed, there are several use cases that demand the utmost speed only a 5G network can deliver. Just think about moving processing from the device to the computing edge servers that might be powered by Machine Learning. Moreover, live events would benefit most from near real-time responsiveness and ultra-low latency mobile phones will enable. 

For instance, all sports leagues will be able to better reach fans engaging them even when they watch from home or leveraging their adrenaline in the venue by using next-generation technologies like Immersive 360 view. Verizon gave a demonstration of the 5G power to bring unique experiences to fans, hence they are getting something never seen before.

Mobile devices with Android OS were the first to enable 5G since Google provided software development tools to enhance mobile apps using the new standards; likewise, hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Motorola crafted the first handsets that support 5G. On the other hand, the long-awaited iPhone 12 release – delayed several months due to pandemic – would be a huge boost for the 5G industry. 

Furthermore, 5G will transform not only sports and entertainment, but also telemedicine, tele-education and every industry as well as consumer retail, changing the way we do business for the next decade. During the COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing, it has been a challenge for people of all nations to connect with each other and have strong relationships, especially with the rise of remote work. Therefore, all communication improvements like wireless internet technologies became even more meaningful in society.Wherever we are in the world, it’s only a matter of time until this tech revolution comes home, since telecommunication companies in some countries such as Spain, South Korea and the UK have been going forward with infrastructure  but let’s take an example of such coverage expansion in the US.

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